early fla latenight april 4th 2006

alvardo's avatar - wings2

            111   222   000  555

good morning to everyone, just to let you know that

triples are in the mix once again.

            974  674  257 


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Don't forget 666 that's hot for this week after 333 came.Hyper



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could hit any time


                                                      942  642

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257boxed in the latenight ballHyper

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257boxed in the latenight ballHyper



Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do u really see a 9?

aloname's avatar - yesnurse

What are those numbers for today?

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everyone play these numbers especially  947

buddyven's avatar - Lottery-065.jpg

anyone for florida play4, 972

peterpan's avatar - Robin

alvardo your 942 came as 952 in the late ball last night 

alvardo's avatar - wings2

thanks peterpan 974 is hot for today I hope it comes

chevelle's avatar - Lottery-005.jpg

it did i know u win some big bucks Congrats Alvardo you are right on the money.

974 bx midday. good JOB.

brionnaluv's avatar - Lottery-008.jpg

Excellent call with the 749 today. That was my carrying number before the 127, caught it for a small amount today.

buddyven's avatar - Lottery-065.jpg

guys i´ve got 127, 124 or 822 for 2night cash3 fla, and i´m trying to figure out for Play4 the second and third digits that really like most is 00, i.e.: 4002 or 001, today´s 20th anniversary for Chernobyl Russia athomic explosion April 24, 1986 at 01:24 AM if it works for anyone, c u guys

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