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I, Lotterybraker being of sound Mind and Body do hereby waive all rights to any predictions I post on for its members or guests.  If anyone should choose to use any predictions I post and win then I say to you Congratulations and I expect nothing in return from you.  The same would go if you lose any money please do not come hunt me proclaim this waiver as public notice and binding with my Lotterypost signature..Lotterybraker..having said that..I wish all of you the best of luck and many wins ...Terry

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Too much time on yours hands, huh, LB Jester


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I just remember reading some stories on here about people sueing other people about the ownership of tickets etc....I just wanted to let everyone know that if I post any numbers on this site and if anyone decided to play any of them and win I dont expect anything from them..the numbers I post are free to this site..of course it is still up to each individual whether he/she decides to play them..besides..if they are like me they only trust their own pics


lotterybraker i just won a major cash prize with your numbers.thanks!

lotterybraker's avatar - pyramid are welcome Lottomike..glad I was able to help..

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Well lotterybreaker , predictions are what they are. an assumption on what a predictor thinks will hit. The players that look at predictions know this and the element of risk involved in gambling.

I have been here for quite a spell and I use to do predictions on a daily basis here for many states.

Not once that comes to my memory have I had a player post on the forum or pm me that they lost money playing my predictions. I am quite sure they have too.

Personally when I post anything about lottery or predictions I try to refrain very much that it is going to do this or that.

I did use to put on the brag quite a bit when my numbers hit. >LOL<
I have settled down and refrain from doing that much anymore only in my blog. >LOL<


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lol..I hear ya Jap69..I may start posting on the prediction board in the future..right now I dont have enough data on the evening draws yet..I just started keeping up with them maybe 2nd week of march or so..havent even started on the daytime numbers at all..


good luck lotterybraker! lets make US some more money,lol......

hey lotterybraker you know i'm joking with ya!

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yeah..I kinda figured you were


it would be nice if mississippi got a lottery.the casinos would try to block it though.....

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you are probably right of my friends was telling me he went to one of the 3 casinos that is open now since the others were blown away y Katrina..that there are so many constrution workers and companies on the coast right now that at the casinos all they have are 25 dollar blackjack tables and craps table..but that is hear say I dont know if it is true or not..I havent been to the casinos since last summer before Katrina kicked our a$$ 

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