MM 265$$ millions - close call

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Hi.Few minutes ago,i checked mm number for 265 million$$.I did lottery pool,at my work.29 people,were in this group.This is only 29$$ in mm numbers.Cant get any closer then this: numbers were:13-14-25-34-50[06] ...we  had: 13,14,30,35,48..and 5..o  jeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz!!!!!!!


I had 13 14 30 48 53 +13

 Not as close as yours but my heart skipped a beat when I saw the 13 14.  I didn't even get 3 numbers though.  Kinda is bad.  Looks like someone got the lucky numbers though.

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Certainly not for this drawing, but while I was taking a look at my MM order history with betslips, I saw one order for 5 MM tickets (for the drawing on Feb. 14, 2006), which I think now is close to the winning numbers drawn last night, but certainly not for the targeted drawing 9 weeks ago. That makes me think about the role of LUCK again...


Order Number 107-4857541-7666650

Game  Mega Millions

Description 5 tickets for 1 drawing

Drawing Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006

Ticket Numbers

14-25-34-50-56, Mega Ball: 44
14-25-34-50-56, Mega Ball: 45
16-36-46-52-54, Mega Ball: 16
20-28-49-53-55, Mega Ball: 36
01-03-07-24-53, Mega Ball: 40



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