Sopranos Episode 4/16


It's that time again, regulars......

What did we think ???



Is it me, or does Edie Falco look hotter that ever now ?

I really feel a little sorry for Vito. He can't help what he is, but he will get no mercy from the crew.

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It's you because she does nothing for me...LOL



I hope not Jorli.... LOL

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My wife read on one of the forum sites that the guy who plays Vito wrote the scenes himself...he thought it would give him a good story line and he would stay on the show longer...he also is going to have (in real life) a hip replacement...She thinks he's playing a good part but I don't think he'll be on much longer when T finds him...I thought the show was excellent tonight...alot of good one-liners that kep me and my wife laughing thru the whole show...She loves Paulie with all his facial gestures and hands waving around "Mathone" (sp?)...Edie Falco did look pretty good but what do I know I'm in my late 60's...oh well I can dream can't I?Big Grin


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The show was excellent tonight.  I'm glad you mentioned the hip replacement Lucky.  I had told my husband Vito walked as if he had a prosthetic leg.  My husband responded, he was just fat.  Phil Leotardo has to be the sexiest, and most good looking guy on that show. He does it for me DoubleDown!


I don't think T wants to do anything about Vito, but there's no way that the crew will give him a pass.

T probably won't have to do anything- seems like Vito is going to whack himself first...

Lucky, you are right, there were so many good lines I will have to watch the repeat tomorrow night to catch them again because I was laughing so hard...


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They have certainly made up for the one slow episode.Excellent tonight, I also found some pity for Vito , he is a good Father, Thats what everyone keeps saying, smile


The show was hilarious!  I've been into the gangster genre of movies since the Untouchables in the 60's with Robert Stack as Elliott Ness.  The show is picking up steam!  Edie does look good, she looks like she is eating better and has a personal trainer. 

Paulie Walnuts keeps me in stitches!  Vito will get whacked, soon.

Christopher is going to get whacked also before the season's end! 

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