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Hi guys!!! I am going to Vegas Tuesday night.  And just wanted any feedback and what is the best game to hit off of.  Any feedback would be appreciated.


Then lst  time Iwon at the Borgata in ac  playing Th e wheelof fortune slots.

the second time I won in bally's in Ac playiny SlingoSlots.

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How much did u all win?  Everytime I go to Harrah's Cherokee Casino, those Wheel of Fortune slots are Full.  That is a real popular game.  Pennies slots, darn I thought the lowest was nickel slots. LOL How much did u win starr?

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Red/white and blue slots.

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Wheel of Fortune are good slots, but my favorites are the multipliers: 10X pay, 5x pay, double and triple diamonds, etc...anything that multiplies lower tier prizes...


MGM: Majestic Lions $1 slots

Caesars: Wheel of Fortune $5, $1 and $.50 machines

Ballys: look for the "wild" machines with the Ballys logo- they hit even when they are all not on the center line.

Good Luck !!!

where are you staying ?

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Thanks so much.  At the Riveria.

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  If your playing the machines, downtown and stateline have better payouts than the strip. They also have lower minimums if your playing the tables. But, you can't beat the glitz of the strip. Have fun and take advantage of some of the great buffets.

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I was in Las Vegas for my 21st Birthday at the end of March.

A lady next to my blackjack table I was on hit the Wheel of Fortune Quarters progressive that was at $1.1 million that was fun to see.

Anyway they have a new table game now called Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker where you play against the deal.  It is a brand new table game that you will probably start seeing at casinos everywhere soon.  Las Vegas has had it for only a couple months they said.  But I guess you would have to like the Texas Hold'em game to like the game.

Slots are always fun.  It seems like you can play on your money forever there. 

So have fun.  Las Vegas is a party every night of the week.



What I've been told over and over again, was to avoid any game which invloves a payout structure dependant on calculated and pre-determined amounts at given times, in favor of the house.

The table games are the optimum method in having the most control, over the outcome, and not the house. The cards can't be manipulated by the house.

Great Luck! And have fun.

I've never been there and would love to go. I've been to smaller ones in the Sonoma county, California casinos, by San Andreas.

Just remember this.....

Never ever, under any circumstances, walk out of that town unhappy if you don't win. The point is that you had fun. There's more to Vegas than just gambling if you know what I mean....LOL

But then again, in my case, females are also a gamble....LOL

Have fun!!!!

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