Florida Lotto Rollover

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Looks as if nobody won the $64 million jackpot on Saturday. The site is still having problems, but the results page does say "ROLLOVER" in bold red letters, although there is no estimated amount. Judging by the $14 million increase from Wed to Sat, I'm guessing it will be close to $80 million.


Nice, I might use my mega million money for some fl lotto tickets instead. Better chance of winning and 80 million is a nice chunk of change.


You're right, there was a rollover, on I-75, just north of the Pine Ridge exit, on the northbound side. I saw the two guys walking around, but looked a little disheveled. Thank God they were ok.

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Were you involved? From the looks of things, you're seeing double, Pac! LOL

Ah, you just deleted your duplicate message, so mine now makes no sense. Grrrr.


No, I was trying to post the response but it was taking a long time, so I punched the keys a few times really fast. That works sometimes. But it can also double or triple posts, or display a warning about spamming. I've gotten that a few times.

But seriously, I told the sheriff I wasn't drinking...LOL


I think I might buy a ticket using those internet webpages if they have them.

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80 mill,,sounds good,,pick up aticket this week when i go see my parents in fl...would love to take fl. money back to N.C.  happy easter people

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Please don't misunderstand me. I was only guessing that the jackpot rolled over from the information I could obtain, since they are still having "technical problems."  Nothing has been officially announced to the best of my knowledge.  However, since the last rollover went from $50 to $64 million, I'm guessing it will increase by at least that much, but a lot of people left Florida this week as they do every year.

Edit:  Just checked the results page here at LP and it DID rollover and the jackpot is estimated to be $82M!  I am surprised nobody won on Sat.  The number 2-4-12-35-44-46  seems like a set that would have been bet, considering all the people buying tickets.

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