Louisiana players

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well..I think 000 is coming for Louisiana..when..your guess is as good as mine..but I know it is way over due and I am going to play that baby until it comes

 365 days x 1.00 = 365.00

100 straight bet on 000 at = 900.00

900.00- 365.00 = 535.00 profit even if it takes a year to come out..I will still be have a lock on 00 , 77, 99 for louisiana..I am hopeing that 3rd zero will be traveling with the other 2 luck will be 001

as you can see the double 77's came out..and the double 99's back to back I might add..double 00's well...lets just say I hope it is sooner than for as the 778, suggestion would be to play box on 166, 167, 168, 169, 177, 178 179 for starters and replace the first digit with 2, then 3 and play them until the box combo comes out..good luck..
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I agree lotterybrakerI Agree! ,the 169 is a relative number for 778,also the 815,This you get this in your workout? I Tried complex keypad and they work sometimes in this case the keypad try out would be 445 and 112 I will find a link for this number,{778}be back in a moment.

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Here is the Link i found for this Number,must say most unusual:


Research suggests that from the above link to your States last hit the most Likely next triple is the 333

Goodluck to all LA Players!

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thanks for the louisiana info

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Something is surely taking place in this State Found 1 more Link,Let's see what happens with This


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829 820 821 823 824 825 828

 279 270 271 273 274 275 278 

879 870 871 873 874 875 

LA Mode Expectations

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I read on Louisiana's website that they will not be having an Easter Sunday drawing on 04/16/06.

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well we got the 168 advice stays the same..replace the first digit with a 2 or 3 and play the combo..if you look at the past several draws for Louisiana there has been a lot of 3's your pic on first digit 2 or 3..personally..I think first digit 2 will come first..but dont hold me to

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