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What state has the most devoted lottery players? There seems to be a lot of posters from tenn, SC, and GA.  Also, a lot of winners come from ohio and Mo. I dont know if that trastlates into more lottery sales in these states. So, what states have the highest sales (per person)?

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Pennsylvania.  I've seen players who have been playing the ig 4 ever since it was one drawing a week.

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Lottery junkies are everywhere.

Many people have played the lottery every day since their first bet. Win or lose they keep playing and many play every day no matter what, it's like it becomes a ritual.

My guess is the states with the largest overall populations have the most players.
Nearly every state claims scratch offs as their best day to day revenue.

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I was going to say Penn too. Powerball players, especially.

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I guess on paper you'd have to include New Hampshire (first state lottery, this time around - the gambling history of the U.S. is pretty interrsting).

But I guess if we're talking money volume it would have to be Powerball and Mega Millions states because those players very likely play their state lottos, too.  



tennessee and georgia have got some diehard lottery players.i never even gave the lottery a thought until i heard in january 2004 that tennessee was going to start one.i thought it would be a good hobby and moneymaker.i was one of those in line at midnight in february 2004 when they sold the first scratch offs.i bought at least 50 bucks march 2004 we got our pick 3 and the rest is dollars made and history!

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I'd say WA state is on the bottom of the list. We play the least $ per capita on the lottery.

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I don't know the statistics but IL is a popular lottery state. My convenience store guy spends as much time at the lottery machine as he does at the cash register.

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That's for sure. There's actually been occassions when Mega Millions was UP!  that convenience stores have dedicated one clerk to the lottery terminal for their whole shift.

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