Would you?

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I have and won!


excellent! thats pretty impressive.not many have been able to do that.

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I wouldn't pay any attention to what others are playing or posting unless they are known as someone who wins a lot and I don't know of any such person.  If I can't think of any numbers to play on my own, I don't play.


I have and won!

what numbers...pick 3 or pick 4?

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pick 3-it was last year though and it wasn't someone here-it was at a store where I saw someone playing their number 10 times

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We do that at the store.. Sometimes it works out to our favor.. other times it is a number off..


It's so strange you mention this. I knew a friend by the name Rob a few years ago, and told me of a story about one incident while standing in line at a store in Ohio. The guy in front of him bought 50 p-4 straight tickets, I forget the numbers but I think they were 4396, but he won the next day.

My friend Rob Didn't play the numbers, and to this day he kicks himself.


What I really meant to say was:

"And to this day he routinely kicks himself.".

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I say "maybe". P3 & p4, there is no disadvantage; but for p5 & up, you're really getting a thin slice there. You'd have to go dollar-for-dollar with the other guy just to get 1/2 the top payout (in most states). For the p5+ games, I would only do so if the number was already on my list.

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