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guys, I always wanted to know if there are wheels out there that will make you make money off of playing/winning pick5 lower prizes. Over the months i've heard claims over the internet that you could make money off of the pick5 lower prizes. What you think. Do you think such wheels exist and is it possible?
I appreciate it,
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No, I don't think you can make money gearing yourself towards lower-tier prizes.

For example, in a 5/39 game your odds of winning 3 of 5 is 103 : 1. So you must have a 3 of 5 win on average every 10 picks you play just to break even with a hypothetical $10 payout.

If you look at the Top Predictors page for Pick 5 you will see that nobody comes even close to a 10% hit percentage regardless if they use wheels or not and regardless of the pick 5 matrix they're playing.

IMHO, wheels are not the way to go. I know I'm in a huge minority here with that statement but wheels are ONLY good for a chance at winning multiple lower-tier prizes but a big hindrance at winning a jackpot or multiple higher-tier prizes. One must lower their number pool too much in order to create an afforadble wheel and their wheel will exclude multiple 4 of 5 wins unless they are full wheels which is extremely expensive and impossible to use with a larger pool of numbers.

I pick my number pool to include about 60% of the playable numbers and let a random number generator make my picks from that pool. So far this technique is doing as good or better than a wheel could.

Just my opinion.


you are right. as it is today, i believe you can't make money gearing towards lower prizes.  However, there is a part of me that believes the following. Just the same way people believes that there are UFO's and government planes we don't know nothing about, the same way, i believe they are wheels outthere that we don't know nothing about. Think about something, if you had a wheel that will make you make money off of playing the lottery will you sell it to the public and face been detected by the state, or keep it to yourself and make money. 

 what do you think,



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The pick 5 pay outs are so low here on Texas that it is very doubtfull that anybody could make a profit playing combos made by any kind of pick 5 wheel, unless they win the jackpot prize, but not by winning lower prizes, but I don't know enough about this to know for sure.

I think that it might be possible to he or she who knows how to go about doing it, but there might not be too many of those.

I also think that there might be a way or ways of winning the top prizes on jackpot games, but How many people would know how to do it? Not very many I guess if anybody at all.

To know that it is possible for1 or more few people to do this is not very usefull info, How can that help anybody? It might give you hope, but it won't make you win.

But it might be good to have an open mind, but it is no good to believe in anything and everything.

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