Lucky hits Florida straight


Shoulda coulda woulda!

Lucky hit straight 821, in his all states, blog.

April 12th.


I'm sure he had more hits in the recent past, but haven't checked.

When I first joined the LP, I was watching him, and just about every day he comes so close for Florida, mostly by just one number off, straight. It's scary how often this happens.

I'm gonna have to start using his numbers, or atleast use his numbers as a comparison tool.

That would definitely be a great filter in itself. Have the top five, six, or more, predictor's numbers on one page and do an evaluation. Look for any matching numbers for that night's drawing, and state.

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821 is my favorite combo - I wish I had played it in Fla yesterday!  I played it in a few other states, but not Fla.

Congrats on the hit Lucky!


Todd, is it because it's your birthday....month/day?

PavlicekFloridaCash 3Straight + 6-Way Box8-2-18-2-1$290

I guess I can say a WTG to Pavlicek also.........

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Yes, that's it.

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