another close one in virginia


LOTTOMIKE Virginia Midday Cash 5 4 of 5
winning numbers----2-10-19-25-28
my numbers----------2-16-19-25-28


don't worry it won't be long and i'm gonna get it!!


Did you quit your job yet?


i didn't quit yet,lol.last time i did i ended up on a long losing streak and sucking up to the boss so i could come back.can't ever count on these minute your hotter than jessica simpson and the next your as cold as a wacked mafioso in a meat locker,lol.


What are you planning on doing with all your winnings?  Man, if I won as much as you do, I would get into college ASAP and buy a small new Hyundai Accent(gas prices are killing).

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$3.00 a gallon here in VA for gas. Prem.


Mike, are you playing all the pick5 games you've been posting lately?  Are you playing online somewhere?  Also, how much you're spending on each draw/game?  Thanks.

Oh, yes and what method/strategy are you using to pick numbers?

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