Florida Lottery = Pathetic

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For the second week in a row, the Florida Lottery web site is kuput - nada - nothing.

So, with their web site down, I'm trying to get the results off of their phone line, and guess what?  You get one of those "All circuits are busy" messages.

So I guess the Lottery Post Florida Results page will have to be without Lotto or Fantasy 5 results until they work out their ongoing problems.

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I can only imagine how difficult it is to keep the site current. I know the Washington state lottery doesn't even bother updating it's website some days. Maybe it should be part of the grades the state lotteries get.

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That's a good idea.


florida used to have an excellent lottery.wonder why this is happening?
are they between directors or something?

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I finally got through on their phone line, and I've updated the results page.

I suppose the good news for players is that the Saturday Lotto jackpot is now $65 million.

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That's probably why the site is down and the phone circuits are busy.  Perhaps the site crashed.

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No, the site's been down a lot lately.  I've posted about it before.


I agree the web site for Florida lottery needs a new administrator.  Either their system can't handle the number of people trying to check numbers at 11pm est so they take it off line or the site crashes. They need to do some work on the server or hire a better Admin.  I still will offer my skills to them pro bono after I win the FL lotto jackpot. LOL   However as for the lottery itself I enjoy playing the FL lotto, Cash 3, and some of their scratch games. The payouts are better than some state lotto's, and the jackpots seem to rise pretty quickly. But most of all it's the first lotto I started playing with my Grandfather years ago so I guess I have some nostalgia/sentimentality for the FL lotto.

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Remember that FL doesn't offer a multi-state game just yet.

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"Remember that FL doesn't offer a multi-state game just yet."

Jeb doesn't want one here. 


The site is so messed up that it shows the draw date for Wednesday's Lotto as 4-11 instead of 4-12. Still says in place of the numbers "AVAIL SOON" but you can get them using the search by date feature. Of course, since Todd was kind enough to do the work for us, you don't have to!


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By the way, the Florida Lottery website is still not working this morning!

Maybe I should clarify that: it sometimes partially loads, if you can wait 5 minutes.

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I talked with a Lottery rep this morning while shopping. I asked about the web site. His reply was "no comment". I prodded him some and his answer was "not hiring the right people for the job". Todd, you might want to send them your resume.

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I talked with a Lottery rep this morning while shopping. I asked about the web site. His reply was "no comment". I prodded him some and his answer was "not hiring the right people for the job". Todd, you might want to send them your resume.

Very interesting, thanks for letting us know.

I would be happy to build, host, and operate the Florida Lottery site.  Imagine how player-friendly and stable I could make it!

Would the Florida Lottery ever go for such a thing?  Highly doubtful, maybe no chance at all.


Because state lotteries either give their web site very little budget at all, and rely on interal IT guys to build it, or else they spend their web development dollars with big ad firms, who know very little about what lottery players want, but they make splashy graphics that impress management on PowerPoint slides.

Contrary to what these people think, lottery players really don't want to pull a lever on the screen, see a bunch of spinning numbers, have a cartoon figure walk across the screen, or any other "fun" animation that presents that data on the page.  Once you've done whatever it is once or twice, it is no longer "fun", just a nuciance that consumes time and bandwidth. 

People want a clean-looking display, with easy-to-find, well-organized information, presented in a pleasing form with good color combinations.

These ads firms lose track of what players come to the state lottery website for, and focus instead on "fun".

Oh well, I'm sure the Florida Lottery can see this, but I don't expect to hear from them.

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