If you won lotto where would you move to.

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Okay if you won Big Time money would you still live where you are now?

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No way. Someplace with cool summers would be first choice.



I probably answered the poll incorrectly.  I wouldn't move to another area, but I would move to a bigger house in the same area. 


Well seeing as I live in a rented place right now I think it would be wise to move. My neighbors might figure something was up if a lottery tickets was won in town and their neighbor is suddenly flush and driving a new car! I would pack up my few belongings and seeing as I love to travel,  I would either store my stuff and go on an extended road trip or rent a motor-home and see alot of the counrty I haven't seen.  I've lived all over the country but not seen all the sites so to speak  I'd love to see Mt. Rushmore, Grand Canyon, painted desert, Nashville, Memphis(just for the BBQ..LOL), Texas, but mostly my dream is to go to Alaska.  So aftersome rambling I guess I'd settle somewhere in Alaska or Maine and have my winters somewhere more mild I hear Tybee beach near Savannah is nice or Hilton Head, SC.

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Hilton Head Island. Gated community and ocean front property.

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My first choice would be to stay where I'm at.  Not only in the same town, but in the same house and just remodel a bit. I've received no mail at my residence since we moved here 18 years ago (we get our mail at the post office) and since I've had an unpublished phone number for years, I don't think too many strangers would find me.  But if they did and I found it too annoying, I'd move within state.

With that kind of money to invest, I'd want to stay in a state with no state income tax.  We have a very hefty sales tax, but it wouldn't affect me much, as most of my winnings would go to charities or be given as gifts.

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I would continue to live where I am and continue doing what I do.. Teach..

I would set my parents up ..  and give to charities as well..

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I would live in my same area but just a bigger house. Hell I would probably continue to work but on a part time basis...

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a bigger house in the same state and a vacation home near the ocean!

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I'm in Florida, I'd buy a house or condo in a Disney community outside Disney World, unless I won the Australian lottery then I'd move there as I can't afford the tax hit to move the prize here.  BobP

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I don't have a clue!  I voted I'd move to another state and I already have one picked out "just in case." West Jefferson NC looks really nice. I also might want to live out of the country part-time. I've seen beautiful areas of New Zealand and other places I've not yet visited on  I also would like to be part of a community, so maybe I wouldn't travel a lot once I got it out of my system. I now live in FL and it's getting too congested. I mean, how many Walgreen's do ya really need?  So a little town in the mountains of GA, SC, NC or TN sounds great to me as long as they have satellite tv and internet. I like the beaches here, but I long for some crisp, clean mountain air.


Back to California! Southeast Coast is bad!


out west.arizona or brother moved to tempe a couple years ago.said he would never ever move back to tennessee,lol.

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My favourite pool I guess !!!

I would move Southwest!

Arizona, New Mexico or Utah.

I actually play with only one reason in mind. To retire early and retire in one of these states!


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I would move somewhere around Austin or the Hill Country. Now I have thought about New Zealand as well. We visited there about ten years ago and I feel in love with the place. I wonder what the tax ramifications are for moving to another country?

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