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Good evening folks. I was wondering if IIiya Bluskov's book "Combinatorial Lottery Systems" can be modified to be used on the Powerball or other pick 5 games? I was wondering because I read that it was written exclusively for pick 6 games. Thank you very much. Have a nice evening.

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The Bluskov book is only Pick-6 wheels for 4# prizes and above.  There are no key number wheels to be converted into Pick-5 wheels by dropping the key number position. 

If you want Pick-5 wheels use those available here on Lottery Post

Or visit and get a free copy of Lottery Director there's like 800 free wheels that never expire.

Or visit and get a free copy of the older version 54 of CoverMaster and make your own wheels, you can save big bucks by only making wheels to 99% rather then 100% believe it or not.


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