Visitation Dream, Marianne & shoes


What a unique experience, I love when this happens, & it has not happened for a while... I know a number is going to hit from this one!No Pity!

I felt a presence in my bedroom, a "spirit" come to talk to me.  If was a co worker from a real lonf time ago named Marianne.  Usually when this happens the person has died.  She would be old by now because I knew her 25 years ago when she trained me on one of my first jobs.

It was not a dream, but a "memory" of something that happened to her.  She had a real strong religious belief sytem & obeyed her husband.

She came to work one day with out shoes.  The Boss asked her why she did not have on shoes, but slippers & she said she had no shoe, her old ones broke & this was all she had to wear on her feet.  The Boss offered to give her $35 cash out of pettycash to buy some shoes, but she would not accept it.What?

She kept coming to work without shoes.  She wore a pair of her husbands shoes that did not fit, & laughed about how they looked & felt like clown shoes.  She wore a pair of winter snow boot with a broken zipper(it was Spring).... The Boss said she could not keep coming to work like that & HAD to wear shoes!Eek

A co worker who sat in front of the Boss's desk heard this & brought in a couple of pair of her shoes, she wore the same size.  She said nothing & just sat them up on top of the locker for her.... she would not take them, she would not wear them.Rant

The guy who sat next to her (for 16 years) offered to let her use his charge & get some shoes, but she declined.Lurking

Then 2 weeks later we got paid & she still did not come in wearing shoes.  She told the Boss she gives her paycheck to her husband, who handles & spends the money.  The Boss said she was going to "write her up" if she did not come to work in shoes.Mad

One of the Supervisors wore the same size shoes as her... she oped up her locker & put a pair of shoes in it for her, but she would not take them or wear them.Lurking

She was not worried or "stressed".  She just said that it was for her her husband to provide for her, as he say fit!

Then close to another 2 weeks went by, with her still wearing no shoes for work.  She tried taping the old ones back together.  Then one day she came inwearing shoes.... but they did not fit her, they were 1/2 size too small & hurt her feet, she could bearly walk in them.

She was sooo happy when her husband came home with the shoes.  She did not buy them or pick them out OR try them on.  Her husband just brought them home for her to wear one day.

She had to cut slits in them to make them comfortable enough to stay on her feet.  The Boss wrote her up for not wearing "proper" shoes. Mad

She finally ended up with a couple of pair of her husband's mothers shoes that fit her.Banana

Anyone see any numbers in this dream?  Will someone with a dream book look up her name "Marianne" & the word "shoes" for me?

This one is going to hit & it's outragous.

I no longer live in the area where she was, so I looked up the obituaries from that area after that dream & she had just passed away!!!Bed






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