*Brilliant*, *Brilliant*, *Brilliant*

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Hello Folks. My name is Kola. Its a pleasure to meet all of you. I've been reading for

a couple of weeks, and this is my first post. I just wanted to say that its beautiful

synchronicity that I found this forum. I have learned so much. It has all been

wonderful stimulation. Most of all I admire and appreciate everyone's unselfish

willingness to give to each other, whether it be a good word or a good number.

Lastly I'm in awe of the imagination, and creativity that graces this forum. Ultimately

all knowledge is self-knowlede, and even if I never win a dime, I have still gained

however subtle. I have loved the good tidings, the jokes, the cynics, the "know-

nothings", and the "know-it-alls". May you all continue to play these lottery games

with agility, panache, mastery, and lots of laughter. Continue to be *Brilliant*,  

*Brilliant*,*Briiliant*. Ciao


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hi thanks welcome and good luck

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What a wonderful note!  Best of luck to you...

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Those are very unselfish and kind words. Welcome to LP...!

I hope you're generosity comes back to you ten-fold.


welcome kola!

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welcome to the group.

It is a nice relaxing place to visit...

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I think we should all pitch in and buy Todd a case of beer or something..High Five on the site Todd..Kola..hope you enjoy the visits here..I sure do..

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Thank you -I can tell you have a good heart!!



Welcome, I'm new here too.  By the way, you are a very good writer, what do you do for a living? &  What games of chance do you play?  

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Thanks for all the kind 'hellos' and 'welcomes'.

USAF Girl...Hi. I'm an actor, and massage therapist. The games of chance that play me are pick 3&4, and Mega Millions. I'll tame them yet. And you?

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