Key # for IL eve., Thur. (4/6) = 9

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I bet my son a 9 will come in tonight. If it comes in any position he owes me $3 and if it doesn't I owe him $9.

Good luck to all of us......Crazy

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Sorry Rick give him the Money,Green laugh{718} is my bet

Rick G's avatar - avatar 1766.jpg way my luck's been going you're probably right!

Big Grin

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I hope it's a 9, I'm playing my dad's birthday 729.

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Just Kidding RickG,when you stated you were betting with your son,i always take sides for the Children i am a softy

This is what i see from your 415-it come from a group that was labeled love to hit on Thursday here is the remainder:


Others:055-815-973-518-514-713-Goodluck to you ,RickG

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Good luck, onenumber! My other son's birthday is today and we took him out for steak dinner and I'm trying to defray some of the cost....Evil Smile

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      PartyYOUR SONDisney



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Thanks Delores...I'll pass on your b-day wishes to him...he's a not-so-sweet 19....(just kidding...great kid). His older bro. got him a couple twinkies with 6 candles and some good cigars for us.

Just did a cross check from today's midday to tonight's evening and last night's evening to tonight. The 9 is sticking out like a sore thumb. I don't play triples much but I'm looking it right in the eye...doubles or triple.

Favorites being 399-993-299-992

Good luck everyone!

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WTG!Rick,I guess i will have humble pie{Blueberry will improve the brain power}

Rick Good Job on your key digit!Party{978}

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Thanks Delores.....well, as you may have guessed, he wants to go double or nothing for tomorrow. So I said OK and am going for # 3 in tomorrow's midday...(gotta give the boy a chance to win his money and if it doesn't come in midday I'm going to double the bet to $6 / $18 for Evening. If I lose both I'll keep my mouth shut from then on.

---603--- is what I'm playin'.

Thumbs UpJester

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Hi Rick G ,i am with you on this one,but i like 637,Goodluck to you!

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D---we have two common digits...I think I'll play both combos.

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Hey Rick, Good Job!!!

Although, I would have made him pay up!!! LOL

Rick G's avatar - avatar 1766.jpg were right I should have taken the money. He got his $3 back at midday.

He wouldn't continue the bet for evening and my 3 came in. I'll have to figure out another angle to separate him from his money.    ;)

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