My luck has gone down hill since Nov.....


I have'nt catch anything solid from November. I am still tryin my hand at the 123 and 111.

Could any one plz gave me some encouragement cuz i am very tried but i cant stop. I have this 123 and 111 like a job, its a must i play ever day.

I play the 123 straight for 5, 132 straight for 5, 312 straight for 5 and 213box for 20 ever day for the last 3months. That is why i cant stop playing this number.


Tweetie stick with one number! And keep the faith!

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Seems to me that the day you dont play them , they will show up. It happens to me all the time. You'll get it and I hope it's soon.


good luck tweetie.i have been chasing 111 since tennessee started its pick 3 on march 1,2004 and it still hasn't shown up.....however if your playing a lot of states it could show soon.good luck.

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I understand, Tweetie!  I can't tell you to stop, because I've been betting the same Lotto numbers since I moved here in 1994. Even after hurricanes Charley & Wilma I drove around the debris to a place where they had power, although I was prepared for a couple of draws. (flashlights, batteries, bottled water, canned food and advance play lottery tickets are on my hurricane preparedness  Good luck and keep the faith. BIG GROUP HUG!!

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I agreeI Agree! with Blackie ,Tweetie stick with your hot plays,if you have played them on going,don"t stop,we have to pay for everything we do in the world today anyway so if you like your pick3 game i say keep playing your hot numbers because they do tend to hit right away when you quit,the best of Luck to you ,Tweetie.

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I totally agree with you Tweetie123 sticking with it because I have been sticking with 359/935/953 and 369/l63/936 for a loooooooog time-- about 6 months now and still... NO LUCK.   I have been playing it to long to quit now, but I still have faith with those two #'s.... keep the faith !

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