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Anyone see this in these 3 States ?
So far I only went back a couple of days.

Michigan      Thursday      Day 424
                  Tuesday      Day 116              Night 775
                  Sunday                                  Night  811
                    Saturday                                Night  334
                  Thursday                              Night  353
                  Wednesday                            Night  337

South Carolina  Thursday    Day  866
                        Tuesday                          Night 322
                          Sunday                            Night  227
                          Saturday    Day 404
                          Thursday    Day  858      Night 474
Virginia              Thursday    Day 545
                          Monday                          Night 464
                          Saturday    Day  919
                          Thursday    Day 118
What is this telling me / Can it be possible to watch what hits in SC and or
Michigan and know a double will fall in Virginia.

In this example Thursday was a good day to follow SC (today) . Last Sat and Thurs
was a good time for Va to follow SC . On Tuesday, Saturday and Thursday would
have been a good time for Mich to follow SC.

Doubles but not the same numbers.
What do you think ?  I have to see the draw times but Va doesnt draw until 2 pm.

Edited : Since the tiimes are close in Mich and SC . It may only work in VA.

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