Hiding my/your giant lottery win


  would this be cool or what 

      trying to contain your excitment of hitting a giant "jack"  you sneak around telling noone  going back to the store with the news van outside  saying you wish you wher the winner and buyng next draw tickets!  not even telling your wife because if she finds out the world will know.  after a month or so  being able to remain hidden you surpise your family with the rewards they have always dreamed      a house on a lake surrounded by 50 acres  in a winter/summer place along with your tropical getaway estate-  private schooling/tutors for your children    and  with some smart and safe stock/fund  plays you can set up your sister/brothers family with some sweet intrest plays where they can keep their capitol and live hansomely on the intrest!  having it all or dreaming of having it all  guess they are both great

            HAVE A LUCKY DAY----------------------------5-8-PLAY THESE IN WHATEVER U PLAY TODAY!Star

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