Michigan Post 4/3-4/9

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Good Morning All

Let's get'em this week

I would like to thank Lotto to coming to our

post and helping out

Thank you's are needed.

Thank you to all the great predictors here, Jorli,Sandy,Tgirl,Zippy,Mary,EP,Denice,Rob,Ba,Lucky,


I hope I didn't for get anyone...If I did Iam sorry your all doing great.

Keep it up.

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Moving post from lotto

As evidenced by my wrong calls, I can be wrong, but the Law of Pick3 Lotto Numbers states that each digit must fall in each position. That being the case, I PREDICT that a ZERO will fall in the second position of the Pick3 before the end of the week!

Hot Digits For The Michigan Midday Pick3: 0,1,3,6,7,9

At least TWO of those digits should appear in the midday Pick3. 

 Good Luck! Thumbs Up


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Thomas Edison once tried to build a helicopter that was fueled by gunpowder and wound up blowing up his entire factory.

Moral of the story is that NO ONE is perfect. Don't give up when you're wrong. Smile

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Looking for a 1 or 8 to return

Pairs: 39-09-18-36-03-67-69



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I agree with your list of 6 numbers somewhat Lee. I have 9 3 7 0 8 .

I'm looking for the 9 to show up or the 0 . Here are the numbers I chose :

309 409 509 329 690 709 349 809 289 389 .  They all have a 9 in them.

Edit : I dont have a 2 4 5 or 6 in the 5 number list but I used pairs out of the 5 number list.

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Thanks to everyone participating in this thread those listed by Lee and also are occasional predictors, Delores, Tenaj, Cybero and Zippy!

Today I like:

323 321 500 631 944 872 919 116 455 241 003 100 505 015 775 000 333 444 888

Good Luck!

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Thank you, undress. It's an honor to share ideas with such an intelligent group!

Good Luck!  Thumbs Up

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I'm sunk . None of your numbers match mine Jorli D.

Good Luck to all. Thanks Lee.


Hello and Good Morning Everyone :) Im guessing the 4's today or hoping they are coming out  Good luck Everyone

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Ooops we forgot Luv and Vicki on our lists.  Thank you Vicki!

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For midday I like the 01 pair.

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I agree evetec......the 103-109 top picks of mine.....Yep Jorli, sorry Luv and Vicky........I blew


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I agree, the 10 is the longest out pair in the combined draw.

I like all the 10x pairs, especially 109,901,100,001,110,101 both mid and eve.  The longest out pairs in both draws are:



Good luck everyone.  My picks.


3 0 7

5 0 7

4 2 6




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Thanks Mac and Denice

Going with these


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Thanks Mac and Denice

Going with these


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