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Where will it hit this week??

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Hopefully Ky.-Thanks!

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Consider 9606 as well..  Good luck

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Going see this number..

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I got a quick pick last night for mid today,Tn. 7906 6086. I am going with the 9060 and 9066 because mine are usually a digit off, and you seem to have this pick 4 working for you, Thanks Tntea.

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Tntea,i think you help me to find the way to make easy money to play pick 4.In your other topic"#s to consider,you showed interesting system.I found it interesting,that u used like 5,6 numbers,in different position.When i watched drawing,last night,all i was thinking is to get one of those 6 numbers in each box.I almost hit box way,playing your numbers.I knew,if i will get any of those 6 numbers,in all boxes,i will win something.thank you.I spend like 10$..50c each box way.But it is worth it.thank you again


might hit in tennessee.good luck!!

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Good luck to you Mike..



Its odd you post that number, last night I dreamed 1690 came out in the pick 4, in the dream i thought the number was 690 and i was like "how many times that number coming out" but someone said no its 1690

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