asking for your assistance players plz

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              Smile Good Morning Lottery Players


Last night I had a dream of my Father who is decesased and my Mother okay here is my dream  A lady showed up at their residence and was there to sell them a car and was delivering the paperwork for them to sign and my Mother was trading the car she currently owns now which is 2 years old and they were only going to give $500.00 for it  and my Father was saying i don't care what you do if you want to trade it in and buy a new one do whatever.

I just happend to be over there visiting and I told my mom instead of only getting $500.00 to let my son purchase it because it is in mint condition with only 2000 miles on it  and my Father agreed .So my questions does anyone have any daily numbers or Big 4 numbers  for this dream ?

Such as Father , Mother, New Car,Saleperson, Loan  etc.... 

 Thank you ever so much for reading this and your responses



Question number 2 :


I have been looking for a paper back book for quite some time which in my travels with my job i have looked in several states with no luck I am willing to pay top dollar for it .

I have tried ebay, barnes and noble .

 The book I am trying to locate  is Blue with white lettering  the size is  approximately 5x4 and its title is The Success Dream Book it is by Prof.DeHerbert I believe it was re published in 1985 - 1986 any information or leads will be so so much appreciated .


Herbert Gladstone Parris: Professor Konje Policy Players Dream Books This might be more info on it maybe you could email them .

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the dream focused on the car. Play the tag number. Which I believe Pa.'s tag numbers are 4 digits.  I experienced having a dream about my mother,who is deceased. In the dream, she was calling me on her telephone. I played the last 4 digits and hit on it that day.

She use to tell me to focus on the main subject in a dream, and keep that number in for about three days. Goodluck.

And good luck on your search for that book.


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The Success Dream Book by Professor De Herbert, pseud. of Herbert G. Parris

Herbert Gladstone Parris

The Success Dream Book ("greatly revised edition")
by Professor De Herbert, pseud. of Herbert G. Parris.
c 1985; 256 pages
published by G. Parris Co., Inc.
P. O. Box 435, West Hempstead, N. Y. 11552

The Success Dream Book. Item:, BK-D/N-04. Price: $8.97

The Success Dream Book #1124 Price: $5.00

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How old was your father when he died and how old is your mom and what is the licence plate no on your mom's car


good luck to you topcop38......


Hello TopCop Mother =226



play liscense tag no .

Question What is tag no.?

Salesman 431

Saleswoman =342

 Also play  500and 2000      Good luck  Barbaraann68

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Thank you so much everyone for your responses they are truly appreciated

I called my mother to ask  her license plate number early the morning and it is 3573

and my father passed away on Feb 16, 2000

he was born on May 16,1920

I orderd 2 of  the sucess  dream book from raven's response from Texas

and thank you for the good luck wishes lotto mike Hyper

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father was 79 when he passed away and my mother is 74

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Hi TopCat38,Read your post and thought i would give you what i found out of a book i purchased,Taken from Zolar"s Book of Dreams,Numbers and Lucky Days:

Father =418


I could not find any other information from this book pretaining to the rest of your dream,Sorry,The BEst of luck to you,I hope you find what you are Looking for.

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  4/1   Louisiana pick4        3753


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yes im playing that number again for tonight's pa number , I hope someone hit in Louisiana

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