Will History Repeat Itself Again?? Ga

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April 3. 2003---444                              April 2, 1994---888

April 3, 2000---444

April 3, 2004---666

April 7, 2005---222

April 7,1998---111

April 9, 1995---999

Check it out--I counted 15 times triples fell in April since the lottery started.

444 has fell 5 times in April.


thanks....i see 000 coming.

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April 3----triples again???

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looks like a tripple in georgia for april might be a good bet..nice work katieloo

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I surely think a triple is comming I predict the 333's for georgia


That the way you trac a number

Good job!

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Do u think it is going to fall in eve or mid?

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i think they will fall in the evening......

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I like those 222, 444, and 777

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 I LIKE  THE 999


222 777  888


liking 888 444

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When in doubt about which triple will fall, play them all.

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I Agree
Ms. Pat

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Tommorrow is the 3rd. What are the odds of triples coming again on the same date four times??

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