what predictor brings you the most hits?


what predictor brings you the most hits or helps you most with numbers?

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gut feelingBanana


sometimes the ball states are a little easier to predict than the computerized ones......

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Myself. I do better when I play my own predictions my way. There aren't any predictors predicting the games I play the way I can afford to play.  I don't play pick3 or pick4 and wouldn't be happy to spend $50/day for a 50% return.  I occasionally play Ohio Rolling Cash5 when the jackpot is over $200,000, but never buy more than $20 worth of tickets.  I usually play MegaMillions and none of the predictors are doing anything with that game.  I doubt if any of them are going post numbers that help others win a $200M jackpot if they haven't won one themselves.


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Me, of course. Although me hasnt been doing too good lately in my own state. Had a box hit today with 234 though, VA. Didnt get a chance to post numbers this morning. Had that dreaded dentist appointment. You know where they poke around in your mouth and say this wont hurt a bit.

Actually I only play my own numbers but maybe I should play others numbers instead.  Good Luck.


i'm like you blackie i tend to play my own numbers instead of others.hope the dentist gave ya some vicodin!


Me ...  I mostly play my own numbers...  ROFL

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Thanks Lottomike. I figure if I dont play my own numbers then why post anything. I do post them in a few states but that is just trying to help others. The dentist was a cleaning I guess. No vicodin needed. Glad too. Was on narcotics for two years (from the docs) and I dont miss it. Nice for a while but glad to get off of them. Good luck.

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I use my own 4 systems of analysis (bell curve, as drawn, frequency distribution and slot pattern analysis) to come up with a predictable set of numbers (usually 18).  Then I'll go buy a $5 quick pick.  Usually, there are 1, 2, or even 3 winning numbers on the quickpick (different lines of course)  I'll cross reference these numbers with the ones I've selected.  Then I'll eliminate the quickpick numbers from my selection, keeping at most 3 numbers from the quickpick.  Then I'll go back to my analysis if I have less than 18 numbers and select the next most likely set.  This will usually be the set I wheel . . . if the moon's right.  (I guess that means if I'm feeling lucky or not).

If the moon is not right, then I'll use my secondary (totally random analysis) whereby I select the numbers from the LICENSE PLATES of RED SPORTS CARS driven by GOOD-LOOKING BLONDE WOMEN.  Believe it or not, I've hit 3 numbers twelve times with this method!

Hopefully, one of my two methods of selecting numbers will work completely one of these days!

Best Of Luck,


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i play my own i win more with my strategy and analyzing.i miss sometimes when i'm not watching closely but i hit them another day.keep your own strategy and trust your instinct


there are some very good predictors here.i love the weekly and powerball challenges also.......

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I'm still waiting for the first LP predictor to make the news by winning a lottery jackpot.  Winning a PowerBall or MegaMillions jackpot would be even better.

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Because I do not always see numbers for myself, the best predictor here for me, that I can rely on for a hit is:


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Also, don't want to leave anyone out because there are many good predictors here but what I meant is BA gives hits for PA where I play.

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