how powerball drawing takes place


so i am a new PB player


a few weeks ago, i asked whether the balls are 'retired' at all (i.e. after each night's drawing), and apparently they are 'retired' and 'replaced' every 4 or so drawings... (please correct me if this is wrong)


i've actually never seen the televising of a drawing... how do the balls make their way into the 'pot'?  are they dumped in on TV?  if so, are they dumped in in any order?  or when the camera shot comes on, does it already show the balls inside, or spinning?


any info appreciated.  details especially! 


(1) can't say i know why i've never watched... just never been in front of the TV on the channel at the right time!


(2) i'm definitely interested in any info on what people can tell me re: what condition the balls are in during the PB drawing [please, no sick jokes, i've heard 'em all]

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This web site has what you are looking for..


From what I've seen they show just a few seconds of some of the balls floating around before they pop up one at a time.  Some actually look like they are weighted down to keep from coming up.  It's on and over before you can blink your eyes.  As it first comes on a ball is already popping up.  They don't let you see all the balls floating around for a little while before they start popping up.  I am suspicious of this and read different articles on it.  They know what numbers that have been sold in advance to which they keep track of and because they make more money if the pot is larger they insure that certain numbers or too many winners doesn't occur and they also want to guarantee that it will be someone in an area that the lottery people decide.  A lot of people believe that it is rigged and that is why the sales have dropped.  Most people would rather win smaller pots and it to be honest than to win the most ever that they'd have to split with several family members to keep the government from getting it all and allow more people to have a chance at it but, the lottery corporation doesn't make enough that way.  The government doesn't want to do anything about it because they win even more with more people waisting their money to give back to them.  When it is large enough to suit them a certain set of numbers in a certain area is chosen.  If you happen to be in that spot at the right time then and only then do you have a shot.  What chance is that?  The rest have been ripped off and don't even know it.

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