Help with some details!


hi  some of my gamin buds and myself are gonig to chip in and buy a full  10 number wheel for

$252 when/if mega millions reachs 200mill    5 dudes = $50.40  per person for a full 10 number wheel 


what would be the best way to approch this?:

1.everyone picks their share of the 10 number--2 per person plus mb

2. have everyone sign  all the tickets.

3.have everyone help fill out  betting slips and than double checked

4. purchase them at the local waterin hole about 9 pm est.  and stay till 11pm for the draw

  allthough the 5 are all friends if 200 million dollars comes into play we may not stay friends long anything you would like to add to make this  a fair and fun thing to do please do?

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Have everyone sign saying they will split the winnings on all pool tickets. I personally don't bother getting any large purchases before the 300 level. You should also search for pool rules to get more ideas.

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What do you mean, have everyone sign all the tickets?  My understanding is that there can be only one signature on a ticket. 

I'm no attorney, and in fact have no legal training whatsoever, but from what I've read, you need a separate agreement with the details in writing.  You really need a trust.  A representative of the trust would then sign the winning tickets with the trust's name.  Taxes would be paid by the trust, and the remainder would be split up as per agreement. 

Perhaps someone with more familiarity with the law will correct me if I'm wrong and/or add further comments.  I'd also suggest that you do a web search on the subject.  I came across a good article about this very subject on the website of a law office recently, but can't find it now and don't recall the terms I used in my search.  But it might behoove you to take the time to try various appropriate terms to locate such information. 

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How did you and your buddies do with the 10 numbers wheel?

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