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Hello to All!

    As a new member I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to all here.  I am just starting on this road of understanding and look for guidance from those who have gone before me before I run out of gas.  I believe there should be ways to minimize the odds against us utilizing traditional statistics and mathematics, unfortunately both my worst subjects in school. "Hope springs eternal in the hearts of men"!  And so I embark on this journey with the following prayer "Oh God, thy odds are so great and my luck is so small".

Good day to all here!

Special Farces

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You've come to the right place.  Become best friends with the Search page, share your experiences, and ask lots of questions.

Good luck to you!

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Welcome to the forum SpecialFarces!!  PartyDrumSmashDanceGuitar

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Welcome SpecialFarces!!!

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Welcome to Lottery Post.  Lots of reading, lots to participate in to hone your skills for winning.  Good luck, have fun exploring, participating!! 



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