Kevin Finnerty is gone


Thank God he's gone and we can have our T back !!!

I told everyone we would get back to business...


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Yes you did tell us that!   I am very happy to see Mr. Finnerty leave.



what did you think of last night's episode ?

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what did you think of last night's episode ?

It was much better, and I love all the sources of tension that are building.  That movie pitch was hysterical.  (The guy with the meat cleaver attached to his arm seeking revenge on all the wise guys!)


Yes, the episode last night  was much, much better. I hate to say I told you so, but.....I knew they wouldn't leave us hanging too long.

* very neat twist with Tony B as the gatekeeper for "purgatory".

* yes, clever "cleaver" movie pitch

* Tony is now going to be coherent enough to see the little power struggles( poor Vito...)


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