Here's how to get X - would I lie to you?

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Here's a way to find out what 'x' is.

First of all, there are 120 possible three-unique-digit combinations. Numbers like 012, 123, 234, 345, 456, 567, 678, 789, where the three digits are unique from each other. Others include 129, 138, 156, well, you get the idea, right?

I'm going to assume here that Aaron Donahue doesn't use doubles in his value for x, or triples for that matter.

Now, if you have a geniune love for doing math computations, this is definitely for you.

You would have to work the formulae for the 6 variations of the 120 possible numbers in order to build a data base. That's a lot of math but it can be done. A programmer could write a program to do this.

Then, once the data base was complete, it would be a matter of looking at the historical data from whatever Pick 3 you wanted to back test it on.

You would look at a previous draw and then the next draw, then search the data base for as many hits as you can find. Then you would note what 'x' was and begin noting which 'x' value is connected with what digits from the draw.

If this method has any merit, you should, (after a lot of back testing) see a connection with certain 'x' values and certain 3 digit draws.

No Greek needed. Just a lot of hard work.

Who's up for it, or better yet who wants to share the burden and do part of the data base? If enough of us work on it. It would be done in days rather than months. Then we could see if this is for real or not.

Edit >

Formula is >

x/pi + 666 = n
x/pi - 666 = n
(x + 666)/pi = n
(x - 666)/pi = n


I did a study on values that might show a red flag.

Unfortunately, none arised. There is always hope...nonetheless....

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