I feel like losing Jeff now


LIke I said, I rarely buy things for myself.  I take my paycheck; 1/4 of my paycheck to pay off the bills, put half of paycheck in savings, then the 1/4 rest is for buying lotto tickets and for fun money.  So , even though I play alot of lottery, I'm far from debt. I will continue to play the lottery until I win the 2nd prize of the jackpot games. Can anybody share their plans and winnings?



$10 worth of Powerball 

$10 Worth of Mega Millions 

$10 worth Classic Lotto 47

$10 worth of Keno Tickets

$5 worth of Fantasy Five

$5 worth of scratchers

Winnings: $10 



$10 Powerball

$10 Mega Millions

$10 Classic Lotto 47

$5 Keno

$10 fantasy Five

Winnings: $5



$10 Powerball

$10 Mega millions

$15 Keno

$5 fantasy five

$5 Classic Lotto 47

$5 Scratchers

$12.50 Pick 3

Tommarrow, give Pick 3 one more chance.. about 25 tickets at .50 wager for $12.50 (anybody got lucky numbers for me? for evening PIck 3 Michigan?)

Winnings: $30 (so far)


Plans for April

$10 Powerball (Unless somebody wins Jackpot)

$10 Mega Millions (Unless somebody wins Jackpot)

$5 Classic Lotto 47 (Unless sombody wins Jackpot)

quit Keno

quit pick 3

quit scratchers

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I limit myself to just $100/month.

For March, so far ...

3/1/06 - $3.00 PB
3/22/06 - $3.00 PB

I have forgotten if I won anything in January and February.

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You should play a couple of 3 and 4 picks to help you in the winning help you pay for those losing big jackpot plays!

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Hello LuckieStarr,

Glad to see you again. Any lucky numbers for today? Thanks.


Anybody got numbers I can play tonight in Michigan? For Daily 3.


i hate gold diggers too korean redneck,but those silver diggers now there is what i call a date!

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Anybody got numbers I can play tonight in Michigan? For Daily 3.


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