Cash $ 7 million difference PB MM


The gap on cash jack-pots is closing in .I think MM can surpass PB vary soon


It's disgusting that Mega Millions can get the same cash jackpot in six rolls that Powerball needs eight rolls to obtain. Powerball's jurisdictions just can't compete against the rich state lotteries, even though Powerball has a lot more jurisdictions than Mega Millions.


Yeah, I'm always amazed at how MM's cash value surpasses PB's.  I spend more on Powerball now, than MM.  But I have made the decision after the next 3 rolls, to reduce my level of spending on Powerplay.  That is my main attraction to PB.  If MM had a Megaplier, it would blow PB out the water even more so. 

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Both MegaMillions and PowerBall states contribute 32% of their sales to the jackpot, so if MM jackpot cash value is climbing faster, it's because MM states are selling more tickets per drawing than the PB states.

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Many people just haven't realized the fact that Mega Millions is now the premier lotto game in the USA.  In every metric it has become superior.

That doesn't mean that Powerball is not an awesome game (it is).  It just means that it has gone from #1 to #2.  And the whole Mega Millions started years ago, largely due to the efforts of Rebecca Paul (then with the Georgia Lottery).


Can't speak for the masses but: I play both games on a regular basis and have have won more than 10 times the money on Powerball with powerplay than spending the same amount of money on Megamillions tickets. I can buy $20 worth of MM tickets and I might win $3-$7. I have purchased $5 worth of PB tickets w/powerplay and hit for $500 on several occassions. Note these tickets are also quick picks. It just depends on where you play I guess.

Let's just make some money. Little wins can lead to big wins and minimize losses.

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The odds of winning with PowerBall are a little better because it has fewer numbers but that doesn't change the fact that MegaMillions sell more tickets. Both games are awesome which makes it's less likely that players in states that have one of them will travel out of state to play the other unless the jackpot is a record amount.


The only reason Mega sells more is because they have all the big lotteries, and are very picky about what states they let play, whereas Powerball was originally formed by a bunch of small lotteries who could not afford to offer their own rolling jackpot games by themselves, and will pretty much let any state lottery in. Mega Millions formed because Powerball worked too well and was starting to cut into sales of the big lotteries' in-state lotto games.

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