Hoosier Lottery Pic 3

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000 hit last nite on pic 3 in Indiana. A whopping 319 strt winners. Boy, they are sure paying out the big bucks.


jeff.i got a gut feeling quads are fixing to hit in indy.



"Jeff, I got a gut feeling quads are fixing to hit in Indy."


I don't doubt this. I can't help wondering, though, what the number might be in the remaining Indiana counties...

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Mike, I have had a feeling for 8 years. After 100 grand and cant even win a hundred dollars I'd say my feeling is about done. Is it beyond belief? NO, its just the way things are here.  Fortunantly for Indiana, gas prices keep players from going to Ohio. You know, a ball state. I am sure quads will hit on a day that I dont play. I have stack of tickets a foot high that are off by 1 number. Today would be no different. I have heard of bad luck, but the odds of winning a straight combo must be in the neighborhood of 1:200,000--no kidding!




I think there's something in your Car or House thats cursing you.  You better find out what it is.


korean redneck....its not jeffs a search on the indiana lottery.its hard to win because they keep track of player selections and have computerized drawings that are hard to beat because they won't let players win and have very low payouts.

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