Mailing lottery tickets ?


this is an illegal thing  why?What?

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It's not just lottery tickets, but any kind of information or promotions regarding lotteries or any kind of gaming is illegal to mail.  I guess the USPS is trying to stop the use of its facilities for gambling purposes.


Title 18 of the U. S. Postal Code was adopted in 1956 as a measure against organized crime and certain money-laundering schemes they used to legitimize the money they earned in illegal activities.

With the conviction of Al Capone in 1931, the IRS began taking a very active part in lobbying for this type of federal legislation. Following the repeal of the Prohibition Act in 1933, illegal gambling quickly emerged as the Mob's primary source of income. Lottery tickets are included in Title 18 because many gangsters of the period would claim they won the Irish Sweepstakes when questioned about their source of income. Back then, there was no way to prove otherwise (at least, not in a timely fashion - mail to and from foreign countries was carried by merchant ships).

That's why it's there, but I have no idea why it survives to this day. 


yes i agree  -why it survives today with internet and all nowadays this is somthing that can and should be looked at    if its illegal for me to mail my sister a season  lottery ticket ---well this fits the "G" mans thinking I a commercail fisherman by trade and stupid rules are somthing I deal with from them dailyConfused

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Codmander I don't think there is any reason why you cant buy her a subscription to the lottery. you can fill out the form with her name and have it poastmarked to your address then mail her a copy or the origonal form.

  Why not call your local lottery office and ask.


Call (800) 452-8777 or (207) 287-3721 or print the form below, fill in the information and return it by mail to:

The Maine State Lottery Commission
8 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333


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About ten years ago I was involved with a multi-level marketing deal where the product was - Powerball tickets! Think about it, the sales are there. the guy who put it together was very sharp, this was in the early days of home computers and he knew databases.

There was simply a one or two page flyer that was sent out, and the ad copy was simply, "Want to get paid to play the Lotto, whetehr you win or not?"

The way it was set up was that everyone had all the Powerball numbers so some money would be coming in.

This was really the only network marketing thing I ever yried where I was actually getting checks from. For about a month. Then the guy who put it together got a cease-and-desist letter from the government about lotteries and interstate commerce. OK for Powerball and now Mega Millions to do it but not individuals.

Interestingly, I recentl got a letter from a group calling themselves Lotto Magic, doing the same thing with the Florida Lottery.  




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