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Well I decided I was going to try to go big on the match 6 one time and see what happens. I decided I was going to spend $60, which is big for me, and get 90 lines of plays. Of course more lines is not always better, but I wanted to be able to try and mix it up a little bit, and try different methods and systems as opposed to just one method for all.

I used 5 draws for each method. I used my ball machine for random draws with no system used, an RNG with some system elimination, Lottery Post RNG QP, another RNG with system elimination, and yet another RNG QP with no elimination, finally I picked two lines myself, and the remaining 3 were terminal QP's.


Had two really close ones, one in which a terminal QP was able to match all the correct decades of the jackpot winning decades, but of course all a few numbers off as usual.

Winning numbers were  21-22-32-33-43-46

The QP was:                   23-24-31-35-48-49

Another terminal QP:      20-33-35-40-43-46 (a win) 3 of 6 measily $2.00

Ouch! Those two consecutives threw a major wrench into my system's usual clock-work. Also the last 2 draws had relatively high numbers as the lowest number, so I thought for sure the first number would be under 10. Sure enough it is 21. Unreal. I believe I once again just had bad timing, as the numbers I had would have netted a pretty good return had the draw came up as it usually would have, and not numbers starting from the 20's up.

Next time I am sticking with QP's, all terminal based for comparison.

Total pay back about $25, highest matches being 3 of 6, and 5 of 18 as usual. Highest wins being that of terminal QP's. Not sure how many numbers the other methods matched yet.

Wish I would have had another extra $60 to play all terminal QP's for an even more accurate comparison. It is getting tough to find motivation to want to keep playing, but I refuse to give up! All earnings from this draw will go for all terminal QP's Friday. 8 or 9 draws now, and at least some payback each draw. Ironically, the more I spend the less I win. Good luck!



Good try sirbrad in trying to make a profit in match 6 experiment. Good luck in going back to Quick Picks.

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