Series is Due....


456-756  231-879-768


Special *432* an *453*




I like the 453 for midday...


Like 453  --  it has been quite nice to me in the past.

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Series that has not hit in ga. this year 019,234,345,456,678 Good Luck!



Ga.... 456 str8  Got it 5 times str8 an str8 bx,ooooh lawd,I almost fell off the bed when The numbers were coming out,my my my my,what a day,what a day!!!Banana

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good job.... Banana

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WTG U.N.!!!Party

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Ky also got series #-765

Congrats on your hit U.n.  Dance

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Go Girl UNVME!!!

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What are the odds that a series comes in? Would that be 10/1000? So if a series is out 100 times, then it should come in? Or would you need to take the boxed combos, so it would be 60/1000 or every 17-18 draws?


I don't have a theroy of a series number,I juz know that in Ga,we alwayz get at least 2 or more of a serious number that comes out each month...


I look over other states,an know when a series will fall,so I post it here,an many blessing unto you all....

Have a blessed day!



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I am searching most states now to see how that shakes down...


Congratulations Lady, an Overflow of Blessings because you bless so many people all the time with your posts - I am truly happy for you !!


UNVME what do you like for Georgia this evening following the series and your powerful hit (smile) Thanks

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Now I can't even front! You called 432! Straight in ga. Big props to you and I have to congradulate you! You are too tough for me! Congradulations again! Now that's how you predict a number! Good call on the 456 straight also! Hope you had a big day!

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