how are you doing so far in lottery 2006


how are you doing so far in the lottery for 2006?


i voted very good.i've only had one win this year but it was huge.a couple thousand dollars won in the pick 4 puts me in the profit margin so far this more pick 4 win would catapult me into the great category.......

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I am ahead of the game.
There are days I play the lottery and days I do not. I personally do not make it a daily thing. Play when I feel good about it.

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I'm on lottery maintenance. I buy all my tickets for the week in advance and stay the hell out of the quickie mart. I'm one hit away from being up for the year.Big Grin

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I picked breaking even. Did pretty good in Jan and part of Feb but things havent looked that great in the end of Feb until now. I'd stay away from those "Quickie" places too Fast Eddie . Never know about those places. Wait a minute, Quickie, Fast Edddie . Hmmm.

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So far 0.00 on the few times I played but the way I play I only have to win once.

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I got a box of losers and it is getting a nice sized stack of losers.  I have won some prizes but I am down waiting for a powerball or mega millions pick me up.-weshar75


How about...Beyond Terrible!

I stopped playing al Hoosier Lottery games so I'm not losing as much as I did last year.  I'm only playing Powerball and so far all year I've had one $20 win.  ($4 with a 5X's Powerplay.)

Like weshar I'm waiting for a BIG Powerball pick me up.



i've only played once in 2006 so far...and i still haven't checked my's been a while

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I play only the jackpot games, so I'll bet you can guess how I'm doing.

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let me sum this up....

my numbers for saturday powerball :   20 34 36 38 44 +4 and 12 33 37 39 45+ 12
winning pb numbers:                          20 34 37 39 45+32

it's been doing that all year. and don't say "well, play one up and one down next time"; I tried that with the same result.Boxing

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I play only the jackpot games, so I'll bet you can guess how I'm doing.

hang in there. i only play the jackpot games too. so i am so used to losing when i win i am surprised. it is nice to get those wins in the hundred dollar range but i take all the wins. so keep hanging in there.

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starchild_45 said:

it is nice to get those wins in the hundred dollar range but i take all the wins. so keep hanging in there.

The only time I had over $100 in wins was about 20 years ago, when I heard "a voice" state two numbers.  I kid you not, it was like an external male voice loudly stating two numbers as I was falling asleep.  Very startling!  (I've since read that is common as one is falling asleep, but I've only heard voices like that twice in my life.)  Anyway, I played those two numbers with various other combinations of numbers and hit four lines of four numbers correct, for over $100 profit that week.  Both of the numbers I was "given" were drawn.  Sheesh, if I'm going to be "given" some numbers, it could at least be more than two of them!  Of course, with my bad memory, I probably wouldn't be able to remember more than two anyway.  Big Smile

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does close count  No Pity!  if close counts than im doin great!!-Smile------ money wise poorDead

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