do they replace the balls in powerball?


specifically, are the balls retired after they are used once?  or are they the same exact balls each drawing?


furthermore, does anybody know whether the old balls are retained when the powerball has added numbers?  my guess is 'no'.


I'm pretty sure all lottery machines for all types of games have a scheduled  change of the balls, usually about a year or so. Give or take a few months.


Remember they have more than one ball set for both the white and red balls.

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Powerball has four sets of balls that they use and they are rotated until they decide that they are no longer going to be used if you check the Powerball website in the history section you will see when powerball has changed there ball sets throughout the game of Powerball.-weshar75

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The sets are rotated every six draws. The balls are individually weighed prior to any drawing so as deter any tampering or malfunctions. They actually run *test* draws prior to the drawing to check for machine capability.




How is it you know this info?  Just curious, you sound convincing and knowledgable.

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One night on CNN they had a report on the legitimacy of the Jackpot games. It was mentioned on that show.



O.K. Thanks for the feedback. 

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