PA cash 5 going up...

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Currently at $650,000. Will it break a million again? I am always afraid of playing it, then having to divide the jackpot between 32 players. That would suck to finally break a jackpot and divide it up with so many others.

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well I played and I got to donate my $5.00 to some lucky player! No worries or stress in having to split it, it all went out of my pocket and into the hands of the Lottery. This losing streak has got to end...There has got to be some fortune had.


Two winners of 346k each. They must be glad they didn't hit Unlucky for Life.

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As I predicted, 2-3 winners would hit tonight, glad I didn't play. More like about $250,000 after all the taxes. I would gladly take lucky for life over that. A cash prize does no one any good that you potentially have to split it with multiple people, personally I need more than that to change my life. So as usual cash_only's logic is flawed.

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Sirbrad- Having 250,000 in ones checking account is better then what is there now. No reason to think otherwise.

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Yes it is good enough to pay for a house, (in my case) but personally I would rather have a lifetime of checks. At least you know you will always be getting them, and can't spend them all in one shot. I don't have a problem with winning $250,000, but cash_only is trying to make another invalid comparison simply to further express his discourse for something that has been beaten to death long ago, and is nothing more than age-old, tiring rhetoric.

I am assuming though that he is over 50 or 60, which might make a cash option more appealing in his case. But to assume that is the only viable option for everyone in the world further proves just how close-minded he truly is. 10,000 wasted posts, and the game still exists, and people are still playing. Guess boycotting is more useless than we thought.

But that is why I rarely play the cash 5, I leave it for the seniors or others who are content with a lower amount.  That much money simply will not change what I need changed, although a paid off new house would be very beneficial. But if I am going to beat the odds it is going to be for a much bigger jackpot....I don't want to waste one shot in a lifetime on something so low compared to the other jackpots out there.

For me a million and up would suffice. As long as I could live off of the interest, and not have to work, all is fine and dandy. Or if I chose to work, at least it would be to work for myself, not for the "corporate waste of America." But maybe some would be content with only $250,000. It is better than nothing, but I am looking for long term financial security, and even a lucky for life annuity would give me that.

If given a choice right now between $250,000 cash, and $2250 a month for life, I would not hesitate choosing annuity. A $50 million dollar cash option is a whole other story.

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