What's with Ohio Lottery??

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A player associate of mine (Hi Andy! See Ya! )  and I have been battling the 1up/1down NIGHTMARE with Ohio Lottery Pick 4 lately.  He has his method and I have mine, both effective and involved.  We can each come up with the same/very similar numbers often times.  Problem is, we're both in rut, because we are missing the winning number by 1 digit.  Usually a value of 1 between one digit of the winning number! 

Any Ohio Pick 4 players got a suggestion or two on how my LottoPard and I can get a handle on this 1up/1 down predicament??  We've already tried vtracs, number theories, sum/root sum histories, +/- 1 tables, spreadsheets - you name it, we've got it in our arsenal!  Thanks a bunch in advance for your suggestions and have a great one!!

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