Dream of many numbers

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I had a weird dream,  Or rather it's what I think weird.

I saw my cousin and myself in a pub, having beer, we ordered 2 jugs of it, and there were 2 ladies with us. When the time comes to leave, we went to settle the bill which amounted to $72.00, we both digged our cash out and my cousin had $42 or $44 and I had with me about $22.00.  I was telling my cousin that the beer costs $23.00 a jug and something's wrong at $72.00 then proceeded to sign for it with a credit card.


I'm looking to buy a pick 4, but is lost with so many numbers and worse still it's going to have a lot of permutations.

I'm looking at

2 ladies

2 jars of beer


$42 or $44.00


How would you work out if you've such a dream?    What?

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What do you guys think of this for a 6/45 + 1 bonus?


2)9 = 7+2

3)14 = 42+44=86, 8+6 = 14





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I would go with

 7200, 4244, 2200, 2300

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Thanks luckiestarr.    Wink

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