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Just recently got a group of 20 people together to play Super 7 in Canada

we will be playing 1000 boards for the next 4 fridays we get 2 Quickpicks

per board also so total of 3000 tickets  per friday grand total 12000 lines

so I will post our winnings here every week until we are done. Our cost is $8000.00

$2000.00 per week.


First drawLep March 17th

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Seems very expensive. You must be doing well to do that. If I were closer to Canada or if one of the online sites that are dependable offered the Canadian games I'd get 6/49 when it gets up there. Awhile ago it really got high at $40 million. Good luck to your group.

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I find that amazing. No pun intended. Each player is paying $400 to participate in the pool. I am in many Lotto 649 and Super 7 pools in Canada but I have never seen a pool with that high a cost to participate.

Your math does not add up. If think you meant to say you are buying a total of 4000 tickets and not 3000.


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1 ticket = $2.00 with that you get 3 lines

Every player put in $400.00 x 20 players = $8000.00

Divide by 4 weeks = $2000.00 per play

so 2.00 goes into $2000 ,1000 times x 3= 3000 total lines per friday :)


You might do better playing 6/49. Two years ago I had 5 numbers right in the Super 7 & made a total of $160 haven't bought a ticket since.

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Super 7, 3 Lines for $2.00
6/49 1 line for $2.00
Western 2 lines for $1.00 but small payouts.

I dont buy 6/49 much now because of the price.

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Fridays Results Super 7 Canada

132 Free Plays total extra lines for next week = 396

Total Cash $378.00

Largest win 5 numbers $98.20

Total lines for next week

3396  Cheers


Agreed, I'm boycotting the 6/49 as well !

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Ok Tomorrow is the big Day if everyone would think for me How our group is going to win that would be the power of postive thinking.
Please wish us good luck.

We have a total of 3396 Lines for tomorrow

That is close to 35000 single digit numbers

or 25000 number selections!

Thank You

I will post our winnings for Draw 2 Saturday.

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Are those 3396 quick picks or do you have a strategy for playing that many lines?  The reason I asked is that when the local lottery jackpot gets big, all the lottery players in town buy that many or more tickets and it rare that there's a big winner among them.

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1000 numbers pre select other 2000 are quick picks.
and other 396 are free play quick picks from last draw.

My numbers change weekly.

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Good Luck!  Personally, I would rather pick all my numbers.

                                                                                                        White Bounce

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Good Luck AG.....I'll have a good thought for you,,,,

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Id love to pick all my numbers also but you have no choice you get 2 quick picks with your one pick. Thanks all

Draw time one hour.

Send it to big daddy baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do you have a strategy to chose the 1000 lines you can pick?  Good luck to you.  It'll be interesting to know how it turns out.

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