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Not sure what state but here is a gift for one lucky person.

Play it faithfully as a Straight.


May the power be with you.

Not sure what State

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Thanks Amazing Grace.

Big Smile

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Thanks Amazing Grace will give it a try tonight,Hey Laverne caught me another 8219,this one in Pa's Md. 

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thank you


Thanks...  Will play it tonight

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Well I guess i got it back wards sorry. Hope some one got something in Ohio

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WTG Grace, good call! I knew that I saw this post when you first put it up but for some reason the search feature didn't pick it up when I was looking for it again. 

The next time it comes out, it will be 1188 Stretch 

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I did not catch it nor did I see this post. I really need to learn to go back past the 1st page in any given forums.


For what it's worth, thanks Amazing Grace!



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