im new help me


buy playing numbers for other states, if you win how do you get paid is a check mailed to you how is it done. is it trust worthy. thank you for all who helps

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you don't get paid here. the amount you see people win is the amount of money they would have won if they played the numbers locally.

I know it's confusing and you may ask why do it? because practice makes perfect. and you can learn alot from the other LP members about working the numbers.

from my understanding though, you may play online for money for powerball and megamillions.
but since I don't do that, I have no idea how that may work.


basiclly its just practice  well thank you good luck to you


what is bet slips .com about can you win there


what is bet slips .com about can you win there

Welcome to Lottery Post, karpetkleaner! Click on the following links:

Bet slips

betslips is the best!!

You can use the Lottery Post Search engine to find more information. Search for "betslips"

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