Does luck breed more luck?

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Seems as though every time I win even a small amount, then reinvest it, I continue to keep winning. Or I get a few jackpot scares. I posted awhile back about the time I found $10 at the store, bought $5 worth of lucky for life tickets, and then got an instant winner. Then later matched 3 of 6. Nothing big, but still wins.

So the question being, is money won more luckier if used again? Or is it simply a state of mind, and the thought process merely another tool used to tap the seemingly infinite powers of the subconscious mind that is so open to suggestion? Have you noticed any more wins, or better luck with money won that was spent on more tickets?

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Gee, good for you . My experience is more like they get it back.

When I lived in Vegas I had this thing about not going right back to the same casino I had won from, in fact, there's a Swedish proverb:

Luck never gives, only lends. 

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As I said maybe it is the state of mind of the believer. Perhaps some would just keep it, and not spend it in hopes that more luck would follow. It was pretty neat though when all that happened in one day. I think I posted it last year sometime. Perhaps my believing that the money would be even more blessed, or more luckier, actually gave my own thoughts more will-power and led to a manifestation.

Sometimes energy starts small, and slowly becomes more powerful over time if you maintain the required thought patterns. I have been doing my best, and have been a lot more than I ever used to before when I did not give much thought to playing. The big one should be just around the corner...Lep

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I believe positive energy can have a cumulative effect.  The expressions "he's on a roll" or "when you're hot, you're hot"refer to people with one good thing happening after another.  Have you ever been in sales? When I worked in a store and had a good day, it seemed so much easier to do it again the next day. Then suddenly I'd get into a slump and 5 or 6 days would go by without a single sale.  However, one reason is because enthusiasm and attitude is important in sales. The same goes for sports. People/teams get into a zone where they are winning or losing and their enthusiasm, energy and positive thinking are definitely important factors. It even applies to personal relationships. However, I'm not quite sure a positive attitude or one's state of mind has any effect on the lottery since it is a game of chance. I mean, the most miserable person could buy a "QuickPick" and win millions. So that's just a case of being in the right place at the right time. At least in a casino, many games combine some skill with luck.  Any moron can win the lottery, even people who sweep tickets under their beds! On the other hand, many people who have won jackpots say they won smaller amounts the previous week, but by "reinvesting" the money they also bought a lot more tickets than they normally would, thereby lowering the odds.  That being said, the people who play slot machines & win a little and continue to put the money back over and over again, usually walk away with nothing.

Stay positive, Sirbrad.  It can't hurt! 

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I do believe it.  Last year, while at work, I picked up about $36 that somebody dropped, in the evening I went to the lottery sales to get a system 8 quick pick and won an additional $180 which comes to a total of $216.00 I won once, after that the next ticket I bought didn't win anything.

People always say that when the universe decides to give you money, just take it and thank it.  More will come.

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My belief is that luck comes in threes. Its a matter of perception. I won $10 on a ticket and found myself on a back road, had to pull in for gas . Left my cash in my other purse. The clerk took my lottery ticket, and let me pump $10.00 in gas! To me that was luck x 3. One for getting a winner, two for getting a kind soul to help me and three for being able to get out of that area without being shot. It wasnt a pleasant backwoods area to say the least.

I dont think luck always comes back in the same form that it was presented.

For you sirbrad, I really think your luck is on the uprise and you'll see it come to you in a way you least expect it!

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My Experience with the lottery and money is When I give I receive back 10 fold ...It never has failed me!

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