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I need help with tweaking my ability to consistently come close to the winning win 4. Yesterday, e.g. I played 929 and 1509 (posted in my predictions). The results were 2290 and 0509. My problem is I hate having to do too much tweaking although I realize this is key sometimes. A little tweaking would have produced two box hits with a <$12 investment.

I am working with these same two numbers today: 1929 and 1509 (814 and 816 for the Numbers game). Any ideas or intuitions you might have would be grateful, esp those of you who are working with a system. Does any close tweaking of the numbers look promising to you?

1929, 1920 , [1930], 1928, 1939, 1919, 1029, [2029], 1829, 2929, 0929

1509, 1500, [1510], 1508, 1519, 1599, [1499], 1609, 1409, 2509, 0509


How about 6465 and 7445. Anyone working with these or close?






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How do you arrive at what numbers to play?


Pleased to report. Midday NY Win4=====9511. I played 1519.

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Pleased to report. Midday NY Win4=====9511. I played 1519.

Wtg Andy, You are Hot on those Play foursHurray!

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WTG Fellow New Yorker!  Dance


I'm working with 6467 and 6447. I think thats close...

I beleive that I read somwhere (maybe here on LP) that a method you can use if you are always 1 off, is to take the lowest digit (or something like that) and add 1 and subtract 1 to come up with related numbers or personalities..

::Tought to self:: Now that I just typed this out, I believe that it was Cashman87's discussion on number personalities... Sure was!

Here's the thread: (thanks Cashman87)




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