Ky. eve

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playing these tonight 981-311-400-399(anybody else have any pics for tonight?)

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I like 907

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Thanks for responding Nobie-Good Luck!!

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I'm staying with 134,435,600 until one hits, I like the 91pr, 914 but the 57pr is way over due.. 857,570, good luck watch for double tonight...575 would not surprize me, since we had 55 in ga and tn today,,, 

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Thanks Bubber-my husband thinks it's time for a series #-234 345 etc......(we will see in a few minutes-good luck!)

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I remember someone saying 206 brings 835 and vice versa...

then 412 follows along with 967...I like 412


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eve-181 0332

angelm's avatar - anne

Bubber you right about a double for tonight-hopefully we will have better luck tomorrow everbody!!!

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