6/49 Strategy using util632.exe.


6/49 Any=1 Strategy

1. Use all digits from previous draw and make combinations of 2. (15, 2 digit combinations)                             
2. Create wonder grid(Use util632.exe from Ion) from past 98 draws and their top 25 pairs.                             
3. Choose two pairs from grid that are the top most matching pairs to each 2 combination pair in step 1.                             
4. Choose two more numbers for each at random using random number generator.

5. Play 15 combinations.

*Alternate is to just choose 4 random numbers for each pair.
Any1 digit repeats in the next draw approx. 296/500 draws ~3/5 draws
Any2 digits repeat in the next draw approx. 79/500 draws ~1/6 draws
Any3 digits repeat in the next draw approx. 13/500 draws ~1/50 draws

Using the above strategy, when 2 numbers repeat in the next draw(~1/6), your odds drop to 1 in 178, 000.

*An alternate strategy could be to use all digits from the past 2 draws as a favourite number in each combination.   Any 1 digit from the previous draw will repeat in the next draw ~80% of the time. This drops the odds to 1 in 1.9M.

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