Ohio 639 Hits - Stats

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The straight combination 639 finally hit in Ohio last night... Saturday, March 11th, 2006.

It managed to stay out for a total of 5483 consecutive games since its last hit - (midday and evening combined)  ...Amazingly, the last time it was drawn was on Saturday, March 11th, 1995.  Exactly 11 years ago to the day!

639 has now been drawn a total of 4 times in Ohio's 10,255 game history.

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Funny how you posted this at 6:39 pm.

Just goes to show "us" that playing a "very cold straight" can sort of "kill you"
in the wallet so to speak of if you play them regularly.

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Holy I didnt even notice that....

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It's a good omen I tell ya!

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Playing a straight number that's hot can also kill you financially. 502 came out every year in WA state before 95. It usually came out in October or November. Al least until I decieded to play it. After a few years I gave up on pick 3 forever even after winning 16,500 at it in 1995.


Florida Cash 3 Previous Lottery Results

 Draw Date  Results 
Sun, Mar 12, 20060-6-6
Sat, Mar 11, 20063-6-9
Fri, Mar 10, 20063-0-4
Thu, Mar 9, 20067-0-5
Wed, Mar 8, 20067-3-0
Tue, Mar 7, 20064-6-6
Mon, Mar 6, 20061-0-9
Sun, Mar 5, 20069-7-7
Sat, Mar 4, 20065-4-0
Fri, Mar 3, 20066-9-3


 Twice in 9 days.

Look at the 066 in the center position verticially at the top.

I see that kind of stuff all the time. Self-predicting.

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It's a good omen I tell ya!

Lol yea!... Must have been....It was drawn again this morning

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